Feedback 48h Berlin

“It was super interesting to see the Berlin game and VR scene. Honestly, I didn’t have much clue about it beforehand, but now I have pretty good sense about the diversity there is in Berlin. And so many VR meetups and events happening. As I will probably move to Berlin at some point of my life, sooner or later, it was nice to see that the scene and industry is so lively.

48h Tallinn

“Thank you so much for organizing it! One of the best organized business events I have ever participated. The time management was really well done, but sometimes it felt like the program was too tight and it was not sufficient time to ask questions from all the participants. It was great to have so many diverse participants from Tallinn, whereas the participants from Berlin seemed to be mostly media focused.”

“Media:net made a really nice job. Very happy about their organizational skills and network! Also important for us, was to network within the group, which worked out as well. Thank you!”

48h Warschau

“Thanks for a great 48h trip! It was the perfect introduction to Warsaw for me and couldn’t have come at a better time. I walked away with two potential job offers so you really can’t ask for more than that. I really appreciate your efforts in organizing such an interesting and well rounded trip.”

Investors Dinner@ Slush “This year’s location was way better than the one last year. The atmosphere for conversations was wonderful! Don’t know how to improve this anymore, everything was very compelling this year.”

“It was a very good event with a high return on time spent on my side. I met VCs and many good opportunities. Better that 100 normal pitches. I am happy to attend the coming dinners.”

“THAT WAS AMAZING! We have interest from three investors that were present to potentially invest. That is a great result. That means investors were carefully selected. Well done!”