First, we would like to thank the team of, our predecessor initiative, for their amazing work over the last years. With games:net Berlin Europe, we will continue this work and widen the scope of the initiative to all of Europe starting with focus countries Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Spain and the UK and we will continue to work with our already existing partners.

A diverse action plan is scheduled to ensure success for this initiative in the years to come – built with the experience of already completed programmes for BBN as well as new arrangements, tailored towards the needs of the partners. While we are still not able to travel and see you all in person, we are implementing a digital plan with podcasts, live streams, and online events to grow the network and support the industry until we all will meet at our favorite industry events again.

If you want to know more about games:net Berlin Europe, get to know who is in the team and what are our plans for the upcoming months, please have a look here.

We are looking forward to work with you and to a great 2021!

Your games:net Berlin Europe team!