It’s the upgrade you want so badly for your intercontinental flights. Up to business, and for free. In this case it means you can dive right into the exciting world of VR and AR development, get to know key players in one by one meetings and make valuable business opportunities with MeetTo Match.

The VR NOW Con & Awards taking place in Potsdam on November 15 are bursting with high profile speakers and international experts. See the talks and roundtable discussions, save your place on the table and be part of the future of moving images and interactive entertainment.

With every regular VR NOW Con ticket you save for yourself until November 7, 2017, you apply for MeetToMatch. Please apply as soon as possible because the number of MeetToMatch slots is limited.

What is MeetToMatch? An effective way to do business at the VR NOW Con. The premium matchmaking service is aimed at meeting potential business partners by choice rather than chance. This is much more than just being a meeting application: you get a personal matchmaker assigned that can help out with all your questions, and who chases all participants to fill out the profile information and actively use it and respond to incoming meeting requests.