Nominated projects will be showcased in the nominee area during the event. Additionally, the creators will receive 2 free VR NOW Con business tickets (worth 449,- € each) and access to the award show. If the nominated creators purchased any VR NOW Con tickets before the nominations have been announced, they will be refunded. So don’t let this stop you from getting an early bird ticket today!

Award Categories

Three projects will be nominated for each of the following categories:

VR Technology Award

The VR Technology Award seeks to recognize the most technically advanced virtual reality projects, tools, services, hardware and techniques.

Industry VR Award

The Industry VR Award highlights functional and innovative virtual reality business-to-business applications and solutions.

Cinematic VR Award

The Cinematic VR Award acknowledges the most outstanding non-interactive 360-degree video and animation projects, such as shorts, movies and documentaries.

Interactive VR Experience Award

The Interactive VR Experience Award celebrates immersive experiences that use the full range of possibilities and design choices and allow to make meaningful actions in fully virtual worlds.


All the nominated projects in the above categories will compete for the VR NOW Grand Prize: the best virtual reality project of the year, based on overall quality and innovation.


Previous VR NOW Award winners include: Foren Method (The Vrain), HolodeckVR (HolodeckVR), LISIM – Simulator für Turmdrehkrane (Stoll von Gáti GmbH), HUXLEY (EXIT VR), The Climb (Crytek), Immersive Deck (Illusion Walk KG), HERE Next Generation Automotive Services (HERE), Accounting (Crows Crows Crows).