Forecasts predict that the number of gamers in Ukraine will increase to well over 15 million people, who will spend a total of 203 million USD. Yet, Ukraine is still an untapped investment opportunity in terms of gaming enterprises. 

Almost half of all developers are residing in Kiev, where the two biggest conferences for game developers in Eastern Europe, Games Gathering and DevGamm, take place. Companies like Ubisoft and Crytek have R&D offices here, too. 

A characteristic feature of the gaming industry here is that one and the same company may be a multi-tasker –  create one’s own games, provide IT consulting services or other outsourcing services. Renowned for its qualified engineers and reasonable development costs, the country attracts more business each year. Most of the games are designed for mobile platforms and PC or Mac while VR/AR technologies take up a solid third of all development. Most of the game developers code in Unity, while Unreal Engine and HTML5 make up about 30%. 




Picture credit: / Rastislav Sedlak SK