This is the second of two business trips you can attend this fall if you’re curious about the sector. When? 27 November – 1 December 2017.

The next destination you can follow us to for nearly no money (you just have to pay for your own travel & accommodation) is Sweden and Finland. Both Nordic countries are famous for being video games export nations, as their creative industries excels in making video game experiences for the whole world. Finland’s games industry (with giants like Rovio and Supercell) makes annually 2,4 billion Euros outside the domestic market. Sweden stands for DICE, King and Avalanche – and more, so much more.

Travel to Malmö, visit the local Media Evolution City and the Ubisoft Massive studio, fly to Stockholm to check out Avalanche Studios (Just Cause 3, The Hunter) and KING (Candy Crush), then take a flight to Helsinki where you will celebrate innovation and wonderful weirdness at the SLUSH Festival. Oh how I envy you.

Find facts & figures of your journey HERE (Sorry, German only atm).