August, 2016

What are you working on at the moment? David: We’re currently working on All Walls Must Fall , a tech-noir tactics game set in Berlin 2089 where the Cold War never ended. The game is planned for a first release for PC and Mac on Early Access towards the end of this year.

You’re going to visit the Gamescom. What are your expectations? Seeing people from the industry that we haven’t met in some time, and also making new contacts. Right now we’re pretty busy sorting out our schedule for the week. We want to meet with potential partners for our game, and also show the game to members of the press to which we previously only had online contact with

Gamescom, E3 or Tokyo Gameshow: What suits better the needs of small to medium sized game companies like yours? For us, Gamescom is the most reachable trade show. It received more attention over the years and for us, as a small indie studio it’s great to see our international contacts in person. Also I have the impression that there is more attention on the Gamescom for small or middle sized games than on the other big events.

How can a networking initiative like be interesting for you? As a new company, it’s important to get a feeling for the lay of the land and to exchange with teams in similar positions. Exchanging experiences has a lot of value for us, it allows to learn from others. Although it seems there’s still a lot of potential to grow closer. We’re really curious to see how that will develop and hope we can be a small part of it as well.

German, Polish, English – you’re a truly international team. How do you benefit from this constellation? It means we discuss topics from multiple viewpoints, based on our different cultural backgrounds. This helps us to better evaluate how our work could be seen from the outside. It also helps with connecting to people in those countries, to have a native speaker who understands the cultural nuances and connotations. It takes some time to talk through all of this in the long run, but I think it’s really worth it.

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