In addition to the lectures and panel discussions, there will also be workshops for HR professionals for the first time this year, including an HR workshop with Aleksandra Zdeb and Tomas Jensen from Wooga (“Fostering Diversity in the Game Industry – A case study”) and a talent workshop with Kate Edwards from Geogrify (“Don’t Think You Are, Know You Are – Embracing Your Talents”), a “Portfolio Workshop” with level designer Klemens Reckfort from Jo-Mei and concept artist Sara Han (“Polish and Optimize Your Portfolio”) and a workshop with consultant Ruth Lemmen (“Networking and Self Management”). Speakers include Carolin Wendt from CD Projekt RED (“Building Bridges & Putting Out Fires: Community Management in Games”), Rachel Quirico (Event Host Cyber Solution Agency), Rae Grimm (Head of and Martine Spaans (Founder Tamalaki).