The team of games:net Berlin Europe is integrated within the media network medianet berlinbrandenburg which serves as a cross-sectoral business association of the creative industries in the capital region of Germany – ranging from music, film, TV, and multimedia to advertising and design.

In 2014, medianet berlinbrandenburg started the initiative Berlin meets Poland, which ran until fall of 2015. The aim was to build a dynamic and sustainable network between the Berlin and Polish games industries. The purpose was to not only stimulate business opportunities between participating companies but also to facilitate access to the great pool of skills, talent, and expertise in the Polish industry.

Starting in 2016, the activities were continued through our follow-up project We extended the field of action to other countries (Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania) and branches (startups, games & digital media).

Starting in autumn 2020, games:net Berlin Europe will expand the activities of It is broadening the view and will connect the games industry throughout Europe with a focus on the UK, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


Meet the team:


Florian Masuth

Project Manager games:net Berlin Europe

Florian Masuth is concerned with the coordination and organisation of the activities of games:net Berlin Europe.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 13

Fax: 030 2462 857 – 19



Inke Breuning

Project Coordinator

Inke Breuning is working closely with Florian Masuth on all activities of games:net Berlin Europe.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 13

Fax: 030 2462 857 – 19



Anne Autenrieb

Press and Public Relations

Anne Autenrieb informs you through our digital channels. She is responsible for press and public relations of gamesnet berlinbrandenburg and games:net Berlin Europe.

Fon: +49 30 246285 7-18