The Swiss games industry is growing with a lot of local studios. More and more companies, from startups to scaleups, are working on their projects in the fields of gaming, VR and AR.

Even if the country is still young in the gaming industry, it is already very well connected with different organisations, that are working together to bring the industry to the next level.

The member-driven non-profit organisation for Swiss game developers, the Swiss Game Developers Association is aiming to a supportive political environment, professionalisation through promotion of knowhow and young talents as well as the increased visibility of a strong Swiss game industry.

To connect the industry on an international level, the IGDA Switzerland Chapter was founded, a local component of the International Game Developer Association. And with the Swiss Interactive Entertainment Association and the Swiss e-Sports Federation, there are two more important organisations that are aiming to strengthen the local video game industry and help to make gaming the most important way of entertainment in Switzerland.




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