Stugan is the Swedish term for “cottage” and the title of a Swedish text adventure from 1978 – which makes it one of the first Swedish computer games ever. Also Stugan is synonymous for the best preconditions you can find if you want to develop a video game in a small team.

STUGAN is a non-profit accelerator of creative game developers. And in 2017 it’s the third year in a row it provides for two months of food and accommodation for a couple of game developers. Yes, STUGAN is for free. The only thing you have to take care of is getting to Stockholm by yourself. You don’t have to be Swedish to apply for the programme.

Moreover, accommodation is such a clinical term. It’s a cabin in the woods you share with likeminded people and visiting mentors from the games industry. It’s swimming in the lake, strolling through the trees and fighting off the mosquitos. No concrete jungle, no urban distraction, perfect solitude if you take aside the powerful broadband wifi connection. Sounds like holiday.

When? In the summer, two months probably beginning in the end of June (they still don’t know yet). Where can you apply? Here. What are they looking for? Game ideas in various stages of completeness. The FAQ is very specific, please read carefully. Because it may sound like holiday, still work has to be done, and it would be such a waste to not use the creative energy that surrounds this place.

Who’s behind STUGAN? A couple of industry veterans from all over the globe who want to give something back.

You can apply until 31 March. Do it! Now!

STUGAN website

The photo we used was taken by Ivan Notaroš. This is his Twitter account, this is his website.