Possibly the best part of crossing the boarder from Germany to Poland is the tea and the snacks. At least if you take the train. It’s a smooth ride, less than three hours from Berlin to Poznan. The cars slow down right before Frankfurt, and accelerate right after Słubice, Frankfurts Polish twin city.

The landscape doesn’t change at all, trees and fields, fields and trees, stuff you find close to the rails where nobody bothers to take a second gaze. But there’s this moment when you realize that you’re in Poland. It’s when the service team comes to bring tea and snacks.  And you look for change. And they say it’s for free. It’s the Polish welcome gift. Nothing more than a small gesture. But that’s that special moment when we start to get excited about the weekend to come. At the GIC and PGA. We want to share this warm excitement with you.

The BerlinbalticNordic.net networking reception will be on Saturday, October 7.

When? 12 – 2 pm


Game Industry Conference

Pavilion 15, floor 1 Next to Unreal Hall