First things first

The GIC is still looking for speakers. Want to make an impression in Poland? Apply!

The ticket sale has started! You can check out the ticket conditions here.

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Now more info about the conference:

The GIC means 3100+ attendees from 30+ countries participating in 120+ talks and workshops, Pitch&Match, B2B exhibitions, networking events, CareerZone, competitions, Game Jams and more.

The collocated PGA has 150+ B2C exhibitors and 71000+ visitors.

The GIC’s three key features are:

  1. size
  2. scope and
  3. inclusiveness.

As the biggest event in CEE, it aims to provide quality advanced and technical talks, while keeping it accessible, especially by not cutting off devs with a paywall.

The mission is to encourage growth of game developers in the region and globally.

And it is really nearby! It’s closer to Berlin than Cologne. You can make it by train that in less than three hours.

It might be your place to meet business partners…or to recruit employees.