Many other commercially successful games like “Frostpunk” by 11bit Studios or “Superhot” by Superhot Team continue to build an internationally recognised reputation for both PC and console games in Poland. 

With about 400 game companies being active in Poland, the market is still growing though. However, mobile games are all the rage right now with revenue amounting to 139 million USD in 2019 and an expected annual growth rate of 5% in the coming years.

It’s no surprise that Poland is one of the fastest-growing esports markets in Europe. The city of Katowice has become home for one of the biggest esports events in Europe, the Intel Extreme Masters Finals. Millions of people worldwide watched the Finals online and hundreds of thousands of people came into the city for them. 

Many industry events organised each year, like Digital DragonsGame Industry Conference or Game Design Summit, help connect the local scene internationally. One of the biggest events is Slavic Game Jam (SGJ) with over 200 participants, organised by KNTG Polygon, a student association. Aside from Katowice, the main hot spots for games are the cities of Warsaw, Poznań, and Kraków.





Picture credit: / Nahlik