The games industry is booming, and not just in Berlin. The city plays an important role as a hub from which to grow the international network. The games scene here benefits from creative game developers and publishers as well as a constantly growing start-up scene. With the development of networking initiative, berlinbrandenburg is connecting Berlin’s games, digital media and start-up industries with the Nordic and Baltic countries. The launch will take place as part of International Games Week Berlin (18–24 April). is focused on establishing business relationships that can develop into long-term partnerships. “Berlin meets Poland”, a similar initiative introduced in 2012, already helped connect the games industry in both locations.

Andrea Peters, CEO of berlinbrandenburg: “The last networking project with Poland showed us just how much potential there was here, and that companies both here and abroad are interested in connecting with each other. After the success of that project, we decided to convert the network we’d developed and contacts we’d made into a Europe-wide initiative to continue promoting synergies.”

The services for mediating contacts and working with partners will help participating businesses to identify new sales opportunities and find target markets and financing options. Knowledge transfer, talent and partnerships with universities are also on the agenda. Collaborations are being set up with Finland, Sweden and Estonia as well as Poland. These countries also have a strong digital industry with companies that are successful all around the world.

A digital platform will serve as a point of contact starting in summer, with delegation trips, events and participation in conferences and trade fairs also planned. The project is being sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research.

Kickoff event on 18 April 2016

At the kickoff during International Games Week Berlin, five selected speakers will provide insight into funding and financing opportunities in the region and an overview of how to benefit from partnerships and investment possibilities.The event is being supported by the Nordic embassies in Berlin.

To participate, please contact