Doing business during GDC 2020

Becoming the largest matchmaking service during GDC in 2019, this year once again MeetToMatch unites all games industry professionals during GDC on March 16-20, 2020. With over >1000 investors, publishers and developers expected, you can meet all relevant games industry professionals in San Francisco in an easy, relevant and cost-effective way. With an event location just two blocks away from the Moscone center, you can meet your business partners at a convenient table. No more badge staring at the W Hotel lobby: Just go to your table at the designated time, and wait for the other person to show up.

NEW this year is that you can now plan your meetings on 5 days: Monday to Friday. This way you can use MeetToMatch for your full GDC week.

There is no need for a GDC pass to be able to participate. If any of the meeting partners have no access to the Moscone center, our external venue will be assigned. And if you have a default meeting location such as a Hotel lobby/room or a GDC booth, you can set this as your default meeting location. You can share this location during your checkout, or update MeetToMatch later over email.

Discount and participation

With coupon code Medianet2020MTMSF you get 20% discount on the already attractive ticket price of € 89 and the same 20% discount on a private table option!


Check out the attendee list and redeem your coupon here:

If you want to get your private table or become a sponsor, please reach out to

Some of the buyers A selection of the publishers and investors who signed up already: