The evening had many exciting highlights. After the official start of the evening with a welcome by Maria Wagner (head of games:net berlinbrandenburg), the host Tim Rittman (head of Program at Booster Space) guided the guests through the whole evening.

Mario Viviani (EU Technology Evangelist at Amazon Appstore) started with an interesting speech on the topic GameOn. He elucidated GameOn as a set of flexible APIs that allow game developers to easily build cross-platform competitions into their games and award in-game and physical prizes fulfilled by Amazon. In that way, this tool should be capable of bringing the joy of competitive gaming to everyone on every platform.

Afterwards, the audience experienced at first hand that the main guest of the evening Naz Amarchi Cuevas (Head of Licensing at SYBO Games) couldn’t be introduced in five minutes as she did way too much noteworthy. The introduction was followed by her great, vivid speech. Starting on the topic dominance of gaming, where she explained the benefits and the powerful impact of gaming on societies and their markets, she continued with ringing in the area of the digital present. Her detailed and international examples from India over to Japan, America to Germany made her point clear: Germany has to catch up and lose its reservations towards digitalization. She underlined her observations with the comparison of the development of the game industry as well as the handling of technology in Germany and the Nordics. At the end of her speech, she gave the audience a little preview how Germany can play a much bigger role in the games industry and create impact in both Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

Before we got to the leisurely networking part of the evening many guests took the opportunity of the Q&A session and addressed their personal questions to Mario Viviani and Naz Cuevas.

The inspiring speeches concluded in interesting personal exchanges in combination with food and drinks lasting late into the night. Additionally, many guests also got to explore the timeline of the Computerspielemusem, which presents the unfolding cultural history of digital games and was released at this great evening.

Around 60 guests were part of this interesting and exciting evening.  games:net berlinbrandenburg & BerlinBalticNordic.Net are very thankful for the great collaboration ahead with our host Amazon Appstore, which gave us the opportunity to host the event in their beautiful venue.

Special thanks to the games:net PRESENTS partners, who make these kinds of events possible: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Amazon Appstore, Berlin Partner, Freaks 4U Gaming, Gameduell, Paymentwall as well as our transportation partner for this evening Blackline.