With Kristian Metzger, CEO and Co-Founder, Matthias Isenmann, Lead Game Designer, and John Förster, Senior Producer, we had a full house on Feb 22 2023, when we introduced Berlin-based game developer Stratosphere Games in our online interview format. 

During the talk with host André Bernhardt, Managing Director of IndieAdvisor, the team underlined the advantages of Berlin when starting out with your company. The city offers talent, affordable living expenses and an excellent support network. 

Furthermore, Kristian Metzger gave an insight into the differences between the financing via investment and by publishers, and traced Stratosphere’s way from a small mobile games studio to the 70-headed development and self-publishing studio they are today. 

Matthias Isenmann and John Förster talked about the team structure of their games in development (Homeworld Mobile, Dawn of Ages and Desolation), and how this structure was influenced by the pandemic. At the end, the team discussed the question of how democratic a games development studio can be to still produce viable results. 

If you missed the interview, you can rewach it here.