On January 26th, we had the pleasure to introduce Mundi Vondi, CEO and Co-Founder of Klang Games, in an online interview. Once again, André Bernhardt, Managing Director of IndieAdvisor, hosted the entertaining chat. 

With their ambitious project Seed, Klang Games wants to reinvent the MMO genre by focusing on the community aspect and with that, has tapped into the idea of a Metaverse, long before it became a buzzword. 

Founded in 2013 by Mundi and two other co-founders, Klang Games went through some hard times, scaling up and down, before being able to continuously secure funding for Seed. Mundi, who came from the creative industries, including fashion, film making and graphic design, was fascinated by the openness of the game industry where it’s common to work on big, ambitious projects. 

He has not regretted founding his studio in Berlin. Coming from Iceland, he appreciates the affordable living costs, the warmer climate and the better possibilities to retain talent in Berlin. According to Mundi, the city is the perfect melting pot for building a diverse team as Klang Games impressively showcases with 24 nationalities represented. 

The mobile game Rerunners put Klang Games on the map and enabled them to fundraise successfully for Seed. Mundi says that if the team stands behind an idea and you believe in what you are selling, raising money is not a problem. At Klang Games, everyone is on the same page of what Seed needs to be. Compromise is not an option and that is the reason for a development phase that has already reached six years but, at the same time, investors not jumping ship. 

Klang Games has travelled a bumpy road, but they see light at the end of the tunnel with a release date coming in 2023. They invented their own AI for Seed that can scale the game from a core family of one player to a whole planet. However, this is still up in the air, as they first want to test running the game with 1.000 players in one city, before reaching the stars. We are most definitely excited to follow their journey. 

If you want to do the same, become a member of their Discord and check out Seed as a pre-tester. 

If you missed the interview, you can rewatch it here.