On March 23rd, we had the pleasure to introduce you to Berlin-based indie game developer Happy Broccoli Games. Our host, André Bernhardt, Managing Director of IndieAdvisor, talked to Studio Director Annika Maar and Programmer Joni Levinkind about their studio and their first game Kraken Academy!!

In the online event, Annika and Joni talked about themselves and their backgrounds what surprisingly led to the topic of discoball induced deaths and the weird texture of watermelons. They reported about their time at Spelkollektivet, a co-living and co-working space for game devs in Sweden and how Happy Broccoli was founded in one day.

In regards to Kraken Academy!!, Annika and Joni underlined the importance of sharing ideas in their team of five and how thankful they are to their passionate community that did a better bug-fixing job than professional services. They stayed on time with the development process and were happy to share the news that first sales are going so successfully that they broke even and are now in the black.

How did Happy Broccoli do this? What is the most important part of a story-driven visual novel game? And what does a setting menu have in common with vegetables? You can find out by re-watching the whole interview here.