We are conference nomads. The more we travel from trade show to convention, the more we like smaller events like the GameDevDays. They are not pent-up in huge exhibition halls, but mostly in repurposed venues. After two hours you have seen every face, you don’t get lost in search of a toilet. The GameDevDays in Tallinn are now in their fifth year, bringing together the Estonian gaming scene with world’s leading companies.

Speakers come from mobile development as well as Triple-A squads, among them companies like King, Epic Games, Remote Control or Remedy. The conference hosts an indie game showcase called Game Village, you can apply for a space until 12 March, go to the website or simply follow this link. Also, this one is really affordable, with prices ranging from 5 Euros for a student ticket to 100 Euros for a business ticket.

GameDevDays 2017, 7-8 April 2017 2nd floor of the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel

Website of GameDevDays 2017