Want to get money for the development of the game? Submit to the DevGAMM Awards contest. Indie projects will be able to compete for a prize pool of $ 30,000, organized with the support of Kefir, Unreal Engine, tinyBuild. As well as get other valuable prizes, such as, for example, a powerful computer from Pixonic.

Need feedback, playtest and communication with the audience? Demonstrate your game at DevGAMM Showcase for one day.

Looking for a publisher? Sign up for Speed Game Dating, where you will meet publishers who might be interested in your game.

Ready to make a name for your game? Put your project up for a grilling by Game Roast experts.

Read the details on the blog.

For publishers If you want to check games within Speed Game Dating, preliminary registration is required before May 1.

For industry professionals Register as a judge and help us evaluate projects that participate in the DevGAMM Awards contest.

For sponsors Support game developers and become a sponsor of any of Games Hub activities.

What’s new

  • The DevGAMM Awards ceremony will change the format and will be held in Russian (with translation available) for the first time. Winners will be announced by industry leaders.
  • Regardless of the nomination, the games must be released less than a year before the deadline. Additional rules work for Best Indie Award.
  • We are changing the concept of Game Roast. From now on, priority is given to finished or released projects.
  • This year publishers will have the opportunity to access projects in advance through our Games Hub portal and influence which games will be presented at SGD in the first place.