6th edition of the conference

On 10th and 11th October 2017 young tech companies, investment funds, and corporate representatives will gather in Warsaw, Poland to make new business partnerships, get to know new technologies, and search of investment opportunities. This time the organizers are focusing on companies from Central and Eastern Europe.

We’ve been observing a constant development of tech companies in the region and we see huge potential in them. During the previous editions of Wolves Summit we had hundreds of companies from this part of Europe, so at the upcoming event we want to give the opportunity to develop not only to startups, but also investors and organizations that look for innovations in this particular region – Piotr Piasek, the co-founder of Wolves Summit explains.


Gesture towards startups

The conference is planning to welcome 200 startups from the CEE region, including representatives from a few different industries.

The formula introduced at the 5th edition worked well and this time qualified startups will again participate for free – Piasek explains – It’s a step that’s going to let such companies concentrate their resources on tech development and allow to meet 150 investors and 250 corporate representatives in just 2 days – he adds.

Startups will be selected based on e.g. its innovative character and market’s need in chosen fields. Corporations and funds looking for certain solutions will be involved in the selection process. All participants will therefore have the chance to establish valuable partnerships.


Only the right contacts

Wolves Summit is not only an event for startups, but also for investors and executives, who can meet, exchange experiences, and get to know new methods of cooperating with all groups present at the venue – all in just 2 days. Lectures and discussion panels held at the main stage give massive support. Each time they concentrate on current startup ecosystem’s challenges and in October it’s going to be no different. The 6th edition puts great emphasis on participants from the CEE countries as well as anyone thinking of establishing cooperation with companies from this region. The innovative system of scheduling meetings, which are the core of Wolves Summit since its beginning, makes getting new contacts, meeting potential clients and business partners much easier.

The participation in Wolves Summit on 10-11 October 2017 is free for selected 200 startups.