The Conference is a two-day conference where curious minds from all over the world meet to delve further into the promises and pitfalls of the digital development.

Through our main themes – human behavior, new technology and “how to make things happen” – we discuss, dissect and explore ways forward.

On stage, you’ll find everything from tech historians and economic hackers to people dabbling with stuff like AI jazz, 3D-printed sushi and anti-virus systems for deep fakes.

With 1000 attendees and 40 speakers coming to share their perspectives, projects and eye-opening theories in a really forward-thinking environment, Malmö is set to reach some sort of peak “brain gain” at Slagthuset this year. In the crowd, you’ll find representatives from the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Sony, The Ground, Lego, and SVT, as well as local entrepreneurs and freelancers from essentially every corner of the creative sphere.


As a friend of Medianet, you’re entitled to a nifty 15% discount on the current ticket price. Tickets and more info here.