Events or trade fairs often offer the opportunity to convince potential investors of your idea or product. For this you need a pitch presentation that brings your USPs firmly to the point and allows you to convince people through your personality. That’s why with our initiative we offer the chance for a free and exclusive pitch training.

With we are constantly on the go at international fairs and events and meet prospective buyers and investors. In short conversations it shows time and again how important it is to convey your own idea in a concise and succinct manner. That is why with we exclusively offer our members a preparatory pitch training. You will spend a whole day working on your investor pitch. The intensive feedback from the participants, your pitch trainer and a video feedback will give you a lot of input, clear recommendations and concrete tips.


  • Companies can choose, if only one person per team or the whole team (up to 3 people) presents
  • Each company presents twice a day: 1. Morning presentation (with in-depth feedback from the group and the trainer) – During the lunch break (90-120 min) the teams revise their presentations – 2nd presentation session in the afternoon with enhancements and feedback
  • in between, participants receive practical tips and advice on the questions such as: What to do with my hands? How to stand? Which effect to I have on my audience? How do I handle projectors, laptops, presenters and possible visual aids? What is a good and logical structure of my presentation? How well does my audience understand me acoustically? How do I act as an expert on my topic? How do I thrill my audience?
  • special: the companies are recorded on video and get afterwards file

About Schifra Marina Wittkopp (pitch trainer):

Pitchtraining Bild

Sales is her passion and her strength. Based on more than 25 years as a sales expert in the IT industry, she is happy to pass on her practical knowledge today. Since 2002, she advises small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed workers and start-ups. In the late 1980s, Schifra Wittkopp was co-founder and shareholder of a start-up in the IT industry. Later, she set up a specialist retail network in the new federal states of Germany for the largest European distributor. She has extensive experience with various customer groups such as industrial customers, corporate customers, small and medium-sized businesses, public authorities, the retail trade and online. Schifra Wittkopp is a multiple European champion in rhetoric and prepares her customers to feel confident in front of a large or important audience. In addition to her technical expertise, her customers value her clear language and her precise communication, her sense of humor and the ability to get to the point. Participation is free of charge and for media:net members only.

This event will take place from 10 am- 6 pm. Participants should please choose ONE of the dates: 01/03 or 02/03.

If you want to register for this event, please send an E-Mail with your preferential date to Since this is a very exclusive event and seats are limited to 10 pax, please only register if you are sure to participate. This event is limited to 2 (max. 3) participants per company.