Amarchi-Cuevas is determined to disrupt industry norms and redefine how entertainment, technology and consumer products merge.  Her experience includes a stage-setting tenure at Rovio where she is credited with combining the digital world of gaming with traditional consumer products at retail.  While at Rovio, Naz grew the Angry Birds merchandise program to over $4 billion in U.S. retail alone.

A graduate of Harvard Business School’s General Management Program, strategic advisor and keynote speaker, Naz brings a unique perspective and experience.  An Indian refugee born in South East Africa, raised in the United States and an executive for European-based companies in the technology and content space, Naz lives and breathes fundamentally around empowerment, inclusion and social responsibility, guiding global companies to embrace these concepts.

Date: Thursday, 7th of June 2018 | Time: 06:00 – 09:30 pm

Location: Amazon | Krausenstraße 38 | 10117 Berlin

Faciliator: Tim Rittmann

The evening will start with a short introduction on the topic GameOn by Mario Viviani, who is a passionate developer at Amazon. His current mission is to help others to create games on iOS and Android (including the Kindle Fire). Then Naz Amarchi-Cuevas will dive into the world of Gaming and Entertainment Franchises, the startup scene in Berlin, and how Germany can play a much bigger role in this industry and create impact in both Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

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Today we know that games are cultural artefacts. But against which background is this knowledge based on and how did it emerge historically? The new timeline of the Computerspielemuseum, which was funded by the Capital Cultural Fund, presents the unfolding cultural history of digital games and points to crucial events in the formation of gaming culture. It will be first presented to the public at games:net berlinbrandenburg & PRESENT NAZ AMARCHI-CUEVAS and will be then accessible at


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