Polar Bear Pitching 2018 is an extraordinary 2-day startup event, that connects startup enthusiasts, investors and entrepreneurs with media, speakers and influencers from all over the world. The 2018 program creates unique opportunities in a cosy and friendly environment. Specifically created program points support efficient networking and meaningful relationships between startups, media and investors.

The competition is nearly as hard as the circumstances. The jury consists of well-known entrepreneurs. The survivors await a warm-up session in the portable sauna and jacuzzi. The winner gets 10000 Euros investment plus office and 2 flights to Silicon Valley.

Polar Bear Pitching, established in 2013, puts you in ice cold water. The water temperature is minus three degrees Celsius. After 90 seconds your body is shaking like a polaroid picture. Best is you have made your point until then. The rest is survival of the fittest and Sisu, the Finnish version of stamina / will power.

See this YouTube video of 2017 winners Virta. Are you inspired?