From 31. January 19 – 3. February 19 Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival will take place for the fifth time.  Ludicious has a unique blend of knowledge exchange between designers, artists, business leaders, scientists, technologists, and students. It is a place to converse, to bring and explore new ideas around the core subject of game design.

Some of this year’s highlights are TALKS by outstanding speakers like Robin Hunicke (Funomena / e.g. Journey & Wattam), Richard Lemarchand (USC Interactive Media & Games Division / Uncharted Series), Farrell Edwards (The Void), Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency), Kim Belair (Sweet Baby Inc.), Tanya X. Short (Kitfox Games), Noah Falstein (Mindmaze), Mikael Haveri (Housemarque / Nex Machina & Resogun), Rami Ismail (Vlambeer), Saku Lehtinen (Remedy Entertainment / e.g. Control & Alan Wake) or Steven Gaynor (Fulbright / Tacoma & Gone Home).

Ludicious hosts also a range of in depths WORKSHOPS by Mark Estdale (OMUK / working on The Witcher & Horizon Zero Dawn), Robin Baumgarten (Wobbly Labs) and Peter Jakobsen (Nordic PR), and will put a strong focus in 2019 with our partners at ZHdK on the social side of game development, with ETH on future modes of game interaction and with A Maze on a range of explorative and entertaining Hypertalks.

Last but not least don´t forget about the finely curated EXHIBITION of 60 games and more than 120 quality companies like Good Shepherd, Raw Fury, 11Bit Studios, HandyGames, Ubisoft and the likes already signed up for MATCHMAKING with our partners of Meet To Match, so don´t miss your chances for some quality time for your brains, pockets and hearts in Zurich soon too!

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