Growing from its humble beginnings in 2003, when Quo Vadis was just a small conference in the Ruhr area with around 120 attendees from the German development scene, the event now attracts game developers from all over the world. In 2007 the conference moved to Berlin and is now the creative hub of International Games Week Berlin. For seven days the German capital is home to an energizing week of gaming culture in many formats that attracts thousands of developers, journalists and gamers. Quo Vadis is organized by Aruba Events.

Quo Vadis has established itself as one of the leading European conferences about games. It consists of lectures, roundtables and workshops that cover all areas of game development. From general aspects of design and mechanics down to the nuts and bolts of specialized programming or animation, every attendee will find fulfilling sessions. The conference regularly attracts top-notch speakers in their respective fields. Even industry legends like Richard Garriott, Bob Bates and Don Daglow have shared their knowledge in Berlin.

The Station venue, located near Potsdamer Platz, offers ample room for large audiences and many booths from developers and exhibitors. At the same time, attendees can easily get from one place to another—no long walks required. The spacious layout is utilized for a unique style of sessions. The speakers, as well as the entire audience, all wear headphones as they move through the venue. It is thus possible to listen to a talk even while grabbing a coffee or sitting in the Business Center. Switching from one talk to another is as easy as pressing a button. No one misses a beat.

Quo Vadis is the perfect opportunity to meet developers, marketers and journalists from the international gaming scene. The Business Center provides a dedicated space for meetings with a relaxed atmosphere. And the official parties after the sessions are even more relaxed. This conference turns “Quo Vadis?” from a question to the definitive place to be in spring.