Philosopher Emil Cioran said: “One hardly saves the world without ruling it”. While saving the world has been a beaten track in the history of videogames, the political ruling of one is a theme that only a few games set their focus on. One of them is Suzerain, a text-based RPG developed by Torpor Games. As President Rayne of the fictitious state Sordland, the player has to steer through an economic crisis and corruption as well as deal with looming boarder conflicts and protect the own family.

Our host André Bernhardt will talk to Studio Director Ata Sergey Nowak about the development of Suzerain and how to not only create a fun game in the world of politics but also have huge success with it. Furthermore, they will dive into the beginnings of Torpor Games and what the future will hold for the studio. The interview will be rounded off by a short Q&A session.

The one-hour presentation will be held as a public Zoom conference. If you’re interested in participating, please register here.



Ata Sergey Nowak

Ata Sergey Nowak is a trilingual who is passionate about games, history, space and intercultural communication. Seven years ago, his passion for games began to transform into a professional career. This was triggered by his first game modding experience for Paradox games in 2012. Since then he has worked on several games such as Hearts of Iron 3: Their Finest Hour, East vs West, Squad, Terminal Conflict and acclaimed mods like Black ICE and Project Reality. Aside from his game development career, he also managed an international NGO that focused on European Union research projects and hosted many entrepreneurship events like Creative Coffee Ankara or TEDxHacettepeUniversity. After 2017, his main focus shifted towards creating Suzerain and guiding it to a commercial release.



André Bernhardt

André Bernhardt has run IndieAdvisor & Company for nine years where he offers external business development and consulting for indie developers. Apart from that, he curates the devcom Indie Expo, teaches at different colleges and hosts panels, talks and other events.