The two events are the best place to meet most of the people from the Polish Game Industry. There are already more than 400 studios and 6 000 people working in games development in Poland. And if you include all the additional services, such as outsourcing, Q&A, localization, publishing, and distribution, this number will surely double in its size.

AND: We will take part in GIC with two booths! In the recruitment area you will get to meet:

 Kolibri-Games_100 Kolibri Games
light Paymentwall 
 ubisoft horizontal logo black_100 Ubisoft Berlin


At our booth in the indie area will be present:

 cdx__logo--rgb-dark@2x100 Codecks
 HS_LARGE75 Honig Studios
 MadAboutPandas100 MadAboutPandas
 Morphcat_Games_Logo_White100 Morphcats
 TorporGamesLogo100 Torpor Games