EGX Berlin is targeted at core gamers and enthusiasts, playing games is the heart of the show. The soul of it is meeting people and talk about everyone’s number one passion. At the center of this are sessions and panels for consumers where developers, media and industry experts give insights, discuss interesting topics and interact with visitors and fans in Q&As or just while drinking a coffee. There are other activities as well, such as cosplay, retro and eSports coaching. However, playing and talking about games and enjoying it with friends (or finding new ones) is the headline of EGX Berlin.

EGX Berlin is an 18+ show. There are no age restrictions for games from an exhibitor perspective, for visitors it means they only have to show their ID once at the entrance.

On Friday between 9 am and 4 pm only media, content creators and industry have access to the show. Exhibitors can use the same setup for consumers and PR. At 4 pm regular visitors are allowed in.

EGX Berlin offers a wide range of pre-made setups including hardware and artwork print, especially small exhibitors can just bring their code, install their game and are ready to go.

For more information visit EGX Berlin’s website or contact its team at