The Digital Freedom Festival is a multi-event platform where the geeks of the digital era meet with policymakers to solve problems caused by the clash of the digital and analogue worlds. Investors and technology evangelists connect with young, bright minds of the start-up scene, and consumers discuss the impact of technology on our lifestyles.

“Celebrate digital culture”

We celebrate digital culture by seeking answers to future challenges in technology development and start-ups, policy making and lifestyle.

“Challenge the status quo”

We look for new ways of doing old things. For example, everyone talks about human rights, but what about digital rights? And what about non-human rights? Freedom must be a fundamental right in both analogue and digital worlds.


We believe in sharing ideas. After all, we all live together on one earth. We value input from all stakeholders and we believe that everyone has a right and obligation to participate.

“Make things happen”

We believe that leadership means bringing ideas to life, in order to distribute digital dividends to everyone.

“Have fun”

Meaningful work does not have to be painful. Making our lives better should be a joyful journey and should take place organically.