We’ve slated nearly 100 talks by the industry’s experts and tycoons from all over the world, the competition for indie game developers, and a plethora of opportunities for networking into the two days. We hope this year you will join us!

Why is it worth it? First of all, the Digital Dragons is a true feast of the Polish gamedev community, attracting representatives of practically all studios in Poland. It is a unique opportunity to hold countless meetings, discover the pearls of Polish gamedev, and test new domestic productions. It is not a coincidence that the Digital Dragons has become known as the Polish GDC: attractive lectures by experts from studios of the magnitude of Naughty Dog, 11 bit studios, Remedy Entertainment, CD Projekt RED, Sony Santa Monica, Creative Assembly, and Techland. Increasing their attractiveness from year to year, they make the presentations component highly popular.

Indie games fans have their place secured at the Digital Dragons: in fact it is an entire floor where the Indie Showcase is held. The most prestigious indie games competition in Poland, it attracts plenty of attention, and last year boasted 60 studios from 13 countries. The high level of the games presented at the Indie Showcase is proved by the later success of the winners, to mention 911 Operator and Timberman.

We have far more attractions for you: an ideal chillout zone with a view of the historic Wawel Castle for comfortable, off-the-record meetings, accompanying events hosted in the coolest places of Kraków, the city of cool, and last but not least, the Digital Dragons Awards Gala for the best productions of 2017. If you want to feel the atmosphere of the event,do visit us in May! For the whole coming week, we offer you your tickets with 15% discount: BerlinatDD