How to get your creativity, message or product out to the audience and customers across the increasingly globalized, digitalized, polarized and customized world? How to execute a successful project through  digital marketing, film, mobile, games, VR&AR?  How to fund your idea, startup or production? Which platforms work and which don’t? And most importantly – how to make it and not to break it in the global digital business.

Storytek Forum is a one-day inspirational brainstorming and discussion forum in Estonia  with top business experts explaining the secrets of digital marketing, financing, production & sales in the global content business.

The first comprehensive event in Estonia brings together creatives, producers, tech platforms, integrators, investors and financiers to explore & explain the future of booming IP and contents business. The forum explains how to encourage the shift from one platform producer to an IP portfolio manager? What are new business models and success cases in global IP areas (film-games-merchandising-mobile, publishing, design, VR & AR) and what kind of financing opportunities are available for this? How to mix and match venture capital, startups and creative IP businesses? Is there a joint language or a blueprint to follow? How to engage regional venture capital and investment funds to film and IP driven projects? What kind of support mechanisms are demanded from public institutions and regulators in the multiplatform era – and much more.

The forum’s key speakers include PR & Marketing Director Pam Rodi (Sony Pictures Entertainment, USA), Call of Duty and Tony Hawk Pro Skater games producer & VR visionary Keith Arem (PCB productions, USA), the crowdfunding and financing pioneer of Iron Sky Franchise Tero Kaukomaa (Iron Sky, Finland),  digital brand & startup strategist, TED resident & open data expert Laura-Anne Edwards (TED, USA), media and film compliance executive Rob Aft (Compliance Consulting, USA), digital content partner of iTunes and Google Play and the Co-Chair of America’s Electronic Merchants Association Mitch Mallon (EMEA, USA), the digital producer of the Oscarand transmedia storytelling wizard John Heinsen (Bunnygraph Entertainment, USA), the manager of Singapore’s most recent global media fund Gin Kai Chan (Aurora Media Fund, Singapore), the technology mastermind of Wim Wenders and film business thinker Erwin Schmidt (Cinemathon, Germany), and Jennifer Jao (Taipei Film Commission),   the bold-headed policy executive who brought Luc Besson’s Lucy and Scarlettt Johanssen to Taiwan, plus many others.

The forum is  also a kick offfor Storytek IP & startups accelerator – a financing and business development bootcamp for global storytellers to be launched in 2017 in Tallinn.

Storytek Forum is organized in partnership with the industry office of Black Nights FF – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, and a regional investment venture Head Capital with the support of Enterprise Estonia, Regional Development Fund and Estonian Ministry of Culture.