Estonia, being home to numerous start-ups, is remarkably called a start-up of its own. Even though Estonia has merely 1.3 M+ residents (Tallinn has 400k) and just 24 years of regained independence, it produces advanced technologies. So, the IT-conscious President and the Instagramming Prime Minister are just the epitome of the start-up-minded locals.

As part of the programme, media:net invites Berlin-Brandenburg companies to join in a 48h innovation tour to Tallinn, 29-31 March 2017. The participants only have to cover their travel expenses, the programme in Tallinn is financed by media:net berlinbrandenburg and the initiative!

You will have the opportunity to look inside a country that managed to transform itself from a little-known country with 1.3 million inhabitants into an IT technology development centre of Europe. Thanks to its knowledge-based economy and a start-up portfolio of Skype, TransferWise and GrabCAD under its belt, it is one of the most advanced countries in technology around the world. We will meet the key players involved in the Tallinn Eco-system; Entrepreneurs, Investors, Start-ups, Incubators, Accelerators, Tech Labs to gather inspiration, market insights, discuss collaboration and ways to leverage the synergies between Berlin and Tallinn to the benefit of both start-up communities.

Alongside a packed 2-days programme, there is the opportunity to extend your stay to join the Tallinn Music Week festivities which go on into the weekend. Register your interest to Rebecca Lautner (

Reasons to join us!

  • Supportive start-up culture, nurtured by the Government of Estonia
  • Lots of start-up events powered by an active start-up community
  • A majority of world-famous start-ups (Skype, TransferWise, Fortumo, Pipedrive, GrabCAD, Vitalfields, Erply, Skeleton Technologies, Playtech etc) have offices in Tallinn
  • IT development offices of large corporations are located in Tallinn (Kühne+Nagel, Ericsson, Stora Enso, Statoil etc)
  • Find out more about e-residency for international businesses
  • Motivated and talented workforce
  • A young country with a youthful attitude
  • Beautiful scenery, medieval architecture mixed with modern
  • Short distances and free public transportation for locals
  • High English proficiency & some German
  • Low bureaucracy
  • Friendly people