How do investors evaluate game developers?

The games market is changing, again – but what are investors looking for, right now?

After building, analysing and developing 50+ games projects, Christian Fonnesbech will share three categories that can make or break your relationship with an investor: red lights (which can kill a deal), yellow lights (which might just work) and a single green light (which will get any investor interested!).

In his keynote, Christian will outline patterns he sees repeated, again and again – and the ways to improve on them.

– What is wrong with the typical developer pitch?

– What are the investors’ goals?

– Why is the business model more important than you think?

Biography Christian Fonnesbech

Christian Fonnesbech is an independent consultant at DDM. He is also Head of IP Development at Nordisk Film Games, which has invested in 6 indie game developers in the last 2 years. Nordisk Film Games is owned by Egmont, a Nordic media conglomerate with 6600+ employees. Before this, Christian produced and directed 35+ game projects for advertising, learning and entertainment.


LVP is a venture capital seed fund with a difference – we’re operating experts in the games sector, and we only ever invest in the games ecosystem. That means we bring real experience and deep understanding. We speak the same language, share the same references, understand the same challenges – and we believe in the same vision.

We know instinctively where the opportunities lie; where there are strengths to be harnessed and exposures to be covered. In fine-grain, no-hiding, straight-talking detail. We know when to bide time, when to iterate and when to go wide. And how.

We invest in people. That means founders with the potential to build the best in the world; teams with terrific, creative games development skills, or fantastic ideas for revolutionary games technology or services… and a vision that sets them apart.

bmp Ventures

bmp Ventures is one of the leading Venture Capital firms in Germany, with our headoffice in Berlin. Since 1997 we have been investing in developing awesome Technology Companies. Over 20 years we have managed 10 VC-Funds. Our track-record encompasses over 250 investments, over 100 exits and more than 20 IPOs.

With our fine-tuned entrepreneurial Investment Strategy we focus on motivated entrepreneurs, who would like to build cutting-edge businesses in high-growth markets. Through our investment, we strengthen the entrepreneurs and portfolio companies on all levels of its structure.

Thanks to the assistance of the Portfolio Companies, we are able to use our far-reaching network of business personalities, industry partners and co-investors (such as Business Angels, Venture Capitalist, and banks).



6:00 p.m. Doors open

6:30 p.m. Welcome

6:45 p.m. Keynote & Q&A

7:45 p.m. Panel & Q&A

8:30 p.m. Networking

10:00 p.m. End of Event