On September 21 and 22, we traveled to Strasbourg to talk both to indie studios that participated in the European Game Co-Production Market, and to funding institutions from all over Europe in order to evaluate future cooperation.

The European Game Co-Production Market – a program initiated by SpielFabrique and supported by games:net Berlin Europe – aims to bring together studios from all over Europe to develop and finance independent games. It is an alternative way to develop and distribute video games successfully. The 6-month yearly program (June – November) helps game developers to find co-producers for their game, define their common strategy and pitch to publishers and financiers. You can find more information on the whole program here.


This year, the completely free program selected 15  studios from France, Germany, Spain, Belgium (Flanders & Wallonia), Czech Republic and Slovakia, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and Tunisia.

games:net Berlin Europe enabled Berlin-based studio Tumult Kollektiv the participation in the programme. The music and sound design studio found co-production possibilities with the Wallonian studio Frosty Froggs and the Danish studio Those Eyes. Thanks to this matchmaking, we had the opportunity to talk to professionals from the Wallonia Games Association, Wallimage and the Danish Film Institute. On top of that, the studios were able to talk to various experts of the industry on topics like law and sustainability.


On the second day, we were part of the Public Funding Task Force, an exchange with funding institutions from Norway, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. We talked about current challenges of our work as well as future opportunities to cooperate on a hollistic European level.


After the two days in Strasbourg, the Co-Production Market goes into its last phase. The studios will prepare for a public online event where they pitch their projects to publishers. This will conclude this year’s European Games Co-Production Market which we supported gladly.