„Kraków attracts the most talented people from all over the country. It is a city known for its academic character and lively start-up community. Generally recognised as the capital of Polish science, culture and technology, Kraków boasts many of Poland’s best universities, institutions of higher technical education, and art colleges. It is also home to the research and development centres of global corporations“- no wonder it is the perfect place for a games conference.

Digital Dragons was held on May 22nd-23rd and gathered more than 1300 attendees and 400 companies for great networking, building of business opportunities and finding of Investors.

It was a two day program full of interesting presentations like „The State of Polish Video Games Industry 2017“ by the Krakow Technology Park or „Fig Publishing Video Game crowdfunding“ by Justin Bailey but more than on the business side, there were talks, for example by Brenda Romero of Romero Games, and Petri Alanko, the soundcomposer for Alan Wake and Quantum Break by Remedy, which were truly inspiring.

If you want more information about „The State of Polish Video Games Industry 2017“, feel free to contact us. And if we didn’t get the chance to meet you at Digital Dragons, please get in touch!